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Words are amazing

Words are amazing. The way, in which they narrate our lives, is true, undiluted art 🖼

To me, there are two very distinct meanings for the word love.

Just like there are two different meanings to the sound serial/cereal. At least, however, in seeing them written, we can detect their true meaning. For example—don’t go near him at breakfast, he is a cereal killer.

But with love ❤️ we stack it all together. Pile it up high, like a staircase to the moon. 🌝

For me, there is subject based love, like—I love the way my cat head-bumps the fridge door. I love the plastic smell from unwrapping a children’s toy on Christmas Day. I love waking up in the morning, to the tip of my dogs nose, peering out from under the covers. I love you, even if I catch you picking a massive bogey out of your nostril 🕳 and then wiping it 🧻 under the sofa—eat it, for Christ sake.

Then there is love which is unconditioned—you know, not bound, makes up all things—our birthright.

Maybe we should make LOVE a homophone as well… so that we can all perceive the difference…

Spell it out in black and white.

I luv you


Because to me, the fundamental suffering of humanity, is the mistake that


is something you can


loos… 🚽

When in fact

it’s something

in which you are ... 💛


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