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Chauffeured through our lives,

We have these magnificent bodies, which amazingly, do not remain the same. We evolve, we change, we grow, we expand.

It may not appear this way, we are enticed into a notion of separation. That we as humans have an intrinsic substance which stands opposed to everything else.

However, at some point, being chauffeured through our lives, holes begin to form in the fabrics of our beliefs. The continuous veering off from your ‘will' brings into motion all forms of questions.

At some point standing still, a few of us will examine the details of our experience and it will become apparent that we are not singular objects floating through a hostile world, fending off loneliness... but in fact splinters of One.

And there in that seeing, in that knowing, we remember... our words, our actions, our thoughts, our possessions were never our own…

As who is the person which is reading this?


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