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Light Shinning through

You may think that you are reading these words. You may think that you sat down at the computer, drank your coffee and are reading these words. You may think that you are someone that came from the past and has arrived in the present moment, BUT, this is not true.

You, are this Presence that always is. You, have never left this moment and can never, ever, leave this moment. Anything you think about yourself can not be you because the thinking is something that goes into time. The one that is experiencing this, is not anything you know about yourself as a body-mind as all of that is being seen.

There is something that is experiencing the body-mind.

That which experiences can never be found in, or as, a thing. Yet simultaneously, is everything.

This, is a total mystery to you but you have always known this.

Think of a paper bag with a lot of holes in it, where the holes represent the body-minds. Put a light inside the bag. When you look at the bag from a distance, the one light is shining out of the many holes. This is an example of what Presence is like. The light is what is experiencing, now, through many bodies. You are not the hole in the bag in which the light is shining through. You are the light which sees through the many holes.

Enlightenment, is the movement back to this light, which is an energetic expansion. This, more than likely, changes the hole in the bag in which the light looks through, but is not a prerequisite. If it is believed that the body is Enlightened, then the person will stop developing and stop allowing this realization to change and improve the human condition.

It is important to always learn as a human and be open to that learning rather than thinking that, I have arrived. The appearance of life is movement, evolution and change. Don't let the idea of "Enlightened" breed arrogance and stop this change. Growth is life, but at the same time, it is circular and has no destination.

Beautiful contradiction.

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