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Spring Retreat 2018

Content: 12 videos

Participate in Lisa’s seven day spring retreat. Twelve one hour videos, divided into six guided meditations and six talks on non-duality and the separate self.


In each meditation, Lisa guides you through the body, exposing the illusion of an “inside and outside” world. She encourages you to explore the sensations of your body and to become familiar with your own chakra system. She explains the emotions connected with each chakra point and shows how to let them pass through the experience rather than attaching to them.


Titles of the Talks

  1. Consciousness and the ‘I AM’.

  2. How the emotional body and thought process give the appearance of separation.

  3. The seeking energy and knowing what you want.

  4. Putting the attention in the ‘I AM’.

  5. Using the Chakra system to help understand seeking energy.

  6. The simplicity of THIS.


Note: The two videos of the first day are slightly blurry. All of the other videos and Lisa's words are crystal clear.

Group sessions and "questions and answers" sessions have not been recorded to maintain participants privacy.

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For the Love of Everything

This book simply points to home beyond any experience. It points back to that which has always been there despite who and what you believed yourself and the world to be. It is true freedom – not one based on hope or perfection in the flow of life. This is about the perfection and love of simply being. True LOVE is Everything.


Please note: this book is not written by Lisa but is transcriptions of talks from 2011-2014. Lisa is not the publisher of the book in English or any other language.