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Live Stream

Lisa is starting to offer Live Streams on a new platform!

The Live streaming channel will be within Telegram (a Telegram account is needed before the form is filled out below.) It will be more secure than YouTube live, therefor more security requirements will be needed before you are allowed to join. After it has been recorded it will be published on YouTube. 

*If you have already attended a paid event in the last few years with Lisa, where your online payment details went through her online payment system, the access to the group is granted for free, please fill out the form below. (This could be a session, retreat, zoom talk). Please note, we don't have records going back all the years Lisa has taught, so if it was a long time ago you attended an event, then your details may not be stored in our system. 

*If you are new here and have not paid for any event through card, you need to make a one time donation for at least 3 euro, plus fill out the form below. We require your payment information as this means we can verify your real name. This grants more security for the group and keeps out people wanting to be inappropriate. 

*If you do not want to donate the minimum amount of three euro and have not attended an event before, then please be assured the talks will be published on Lisa's YouTube channel after they have been streamed in Telegram. 

*If you want to send less money than 3 euros, it is maybe possible to do so through bank transfer. Please get in contact if you prefer this option.  

You will receive more details by email, once you have filled in the form below. 

(Please note, the organiser will be away from the 5th - 13th of august and will not be able to reply to your emails during this time, or add you to the telegram group.) 

To Join Lisa's Live Streams

Please fill out the following form
in order to participate. 

have you participated in a paid event with Lisa before?

Thanks for submitting!

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