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Follow your heart

You have to follow your heart. “Has she gone mad?” I hear you say. “Doesn’t Lisa understand there is no person and there is no heart?” True. But this is what I mean by follow your heart, which maybe seen as a total contradiction. Ramesh Balsekar use to say, “In every given moment, do exactly what you feeling like doing, knowing there is nobody doing it.” But I wouldn’t say it quite like that. I would say it more like this: It manifests, in the dream, as a body always following their heart. But actually, what has happened is there is no longer someone separate from the dream. So all there is, is an act of love happening. Everything is love when there is no separation. So all that body can do is follow the HEART. I know you are thinking, “but how do I follow the heart like she says? How do I even know what the heart feels like?” But it's not like that. It's when you give up trying to follow the intellect and what you have been taught, that the heart is revealed. It's your nature. It never left. It's the sense of being alive. That doesn’t make sense. But yet, everything springs from that and is it. Love is your nature. You don’t need to look for it in time–it is staring you in the face. Right here. Right now. It's that which never left. So the body follows the heart. Or you can say, “you have to follow the heart.” But know this; it isn’t a personal doing–it's all happening, like magic, without you.

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