Philosopher, Writer & Teacher
Lisa Cairns ​

In Bali in 2011, I suddenly lost total control while eating banana fritters with ice cream, and there was a sudden and explosive energetic shift; at that moment it was understood, beyond the intellect, non-dual philosophy.

For the past nine years, I have traveled around the world, teaching an amazing Indian Philosophy called Non duality. I have spoken in book shops, cafes, yoga centers, universities, schools, the UK’s NHS (National Health Care System), conference centers, festivals, theatres and in someone’s front room. 

Now, I predominantly teach through the internet by weekly live streams and in one-to-one sessions, supervised by my teaching advisor, Khalissie. 

In my talks and teachings, I try to communicate the limitless nature of life, which you could say is at the root of every philosophy, religion or story. This is a tall order, so failing that, I hope to open doors for anyone who wants to listen, providing a broader perspective on this magical thing we call life. 


Thanks for reading. 


with love 


My story with Ramesh Balseka and Roger Castillo
Khalissie Cairns 

Teaching Advisor

What happened in Bali ?
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