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I am sorry

As a human, I always move towards that which is deemed the most pleasurable or the least painful.

No matter what.

Even in an act of altruism with heightened states of empathy, it is always an attempt to satisfying my feelings.

I am sorry for all those times, as a human, I picked me over you.

I couldn't stop it, that was my programming.

I am sorry for the production of thoughts which think they know anything about anything. I am sorry that sometimes I take them more seriously and I argue with your thoughts.

I can't help it. I am set up this way.

I am sorry for wanting to be right and even believing that I am. It's nothing personal it’s just this machine is wired like this. I am sorry for any pain or rejection I have caused or anytime I didn't reflect your divinity. I want to but I am human and…

As being-ness, however, I love you beyond any type of love in this world.

Everything is wiped clean in every instant.

It is gone.

Our mistakes.

Our problems.

Our augments.

Our righteousness.

But also

your joyous, beautiful character.

It's all vanished as if it never happened, ready to create something new.

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