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 Information about one to one sessions

*Please note, Lisa only does sessions on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/early evening (French time)

*Lisa is offering either three, six or ten sessions. At first you will be asked to book  three sessions, and in the first meeting with Lisa it will be discussed if these can be extended to either six or ten sessions. Lisa does not do single sessions, however after the first session it maybe decided that Lisa is not best fitted to help you in your current circumstances. In that case the remaining two sessions will be canceled. Please do not apply if you are wanting a single session.

*You are welcome to select how much you would like to pay for sessions, however the minimum is 85 euros per session, including 19%VAT.

*Sponsorship is available upon request.

*Please note, the chances of getting a session are low. Lisa only dose two sessions a week and there are many people already on the waiting list.

Please watch video above before filling out the form 
Application for a one to one session 
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