About The Mountain Retreat 

A seven night retreat, Sunday the 13th January - Sunday 20th January – exploring the freedom that always IS. Lisa will talk to you about Non-duality – while looking at how the separate self effects the daily life and relationships.


The retreat centre The Mountain Retreat  is found at the foot of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai which has beautiful views of the Mountain. Resting in peaceful nature, with a beautiful swimming pool and simple accommodation, it is perfect place to escape the busy modern life. Only ten minuets aways from Ramana Maharshi ashram and the vibrant life of Tiruvannamalai the retreat can also be a great way to acclimatise to India. 


Price for Lisa's talks and the organisation/administration of the retreat. 

  • 290 euros. 

Price for Accommodation and three meals a day (all vegetarian)​ 

  • Single rooms 15 200 Rupees + TAX 650 Rupees 

  • Double rooms 11 700 Rupees  + TAX 450 Rupees 

  • Triple Rooms 10 535 +  TAX + 400 Rupees   

  • To sleep out side and eat at the Retreat centre 5000 Rupees

  • To attend talks and use pool with no food 500 Rupees 

  • These prices do not include Lisa's talk and Organisation. 

The Schedule

Lisa will give 5 sessions a day.


  1. 9am -10am 

  2. 10:30 -11:30am

  3. 12:00am -1:00pm

  4. 4:15pm -5:00pm

  5. 5:30pm -6:30pm

Extra info

  • Website of the Retreat Centre.

  • Some days will be silence in the breaks.

  • The retreat begins at 6pm on the 13th January and ends at 12noon on the 20th January. Arrivals on the 13th are from 3pm onwards.

  • By booking this retreat you are agreeing to the disclaimer found in the footer of the website.

  • Although Lisa's team will recommend travel, health and safety in India. Lisa and her team are not responsible for your travel and your health or accommodation while in India or on the retreat. Travel insurance is the participants responsibility. 

  • It is also the Participants responsibility to take measures to understand local dress code, laws and safety while being in India. 

  • By booking the retreat participants understand that they travel to India and participate on the retreat at their own risk and Lisa and the organisation team are in no way responsible for your safely, health or travel.  

  • Payments made through Stripe and Paypal incur a 5% booing fee. Bank transfers are free, although your bank may charge. 

  • Accommodation and food are to be paid in Rupees at the retreat. Emilia can give advice on how to get Rupees. b.emilialucia@yahoo.com

  • There are people that would like to come but cannot afford the prices. If you would like to sponsor someone to come, please get in contact with Emilia. If you would like to sign up for sponsorship, please also contact Emilia - b.emilialucia@yahoo.com

To Book

To book or ask any questions please email Emilia b.emilialucia@yahoo.com

For booking Please include in the emails:

  1. Address for invoice 

  2. The room you would like 

  3. how you would like to pay (Paypal(5% booking fee) Stripe(5%booking fee) Bank Transfer(no booking fee, however your bank may charge)

  4. If you have any food requirements

  5. If you would like to share a taxi from the airport. 


  • Nearest airport, Chennai.

  • Emilia can help organise a Taxi for you and she will organise you to take a taxi with other people. However we can not guarantee how many people you will take a taxi with, this is dependant on the other participants. Prices of Taxis per car from Chennai airport ​​- Car for 3 persons: 3000 rupees - Car for 4 persons: 4500 rupees - Car for 8 persons: 7500 rupees