Tantra & Non-duality
29th August - 4th september

Seven-days and six-nights of Non-Dual-Philosophy with Lisa Cairns and Tantra with Siddhartha.

Exploring the Depths of Radical Aliveness and the Mystery of Love.

We offer a secluded place in nature, where you can easily open up to allow yourselves to be vulnerable in the group and with your partner.


There will be daily, a one-hour & one-and-a-half-hour talk or meditation on non-duality with Lisa – plus a full program of Tantra daily, including two-night sessions all lead by Siddhartha. There is a limit of fourteen-woman and fourteen-men.

For Singles and Couples.


You need to have an interview with Siddhartha on Skype to determine if you are right for the Tantra course. Please be aware if Siddhartha does not think this retreat is appropriate for you, Lisa offers other non-duality retreats which are available to everyone.

If you would like more info, please contact Siddhartha via


or on Telegram : Siddhartha

Siddhartha website 

The venue is roughly two-hour from Berlin and two hours from Hamburg

Website of the retreat centre. 

*Please note Lisa Cairns is only teaching non-duality on this retreat. Siddhartha will teach Tantra. Lisa may or may not be present with her partner in the Tantra course. Siddhartha may or may not be present for the non-duality talks. This retreat is not organised by Lisa Cairns, instead she is a guest speaker on Siddhartha's retreat.

*Please make sure you read the disclaimer in the footer of this website before you attend any event with Lisa.  

 A rough schedule

8 a.m Dynamic Meditation

9 a.m breakfast

11 a.m - 12:30pm  non-duality talk

1 p.m lunch

4 p.m Tantric exercises

5 p.m sharing presence ( men & woman circle)

7pm dinner

8.30pm - 9:30pm non duality talk or meditation

two Tantric night sessions during the seminar