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Non-Duality 7 day Conferences near Leipzig Germany, Easter 2024

Friday 29th March 5pm  CET  - Friday  5th April 1:00pm CET 


In this retreat Lisa will offer two talks a day. Although they will be predominately focused on non duality, Lisa is also happy to look at different seeking energies which create attachment to the separate self. Each participant will have time and space to focus on what is happening for them, and the opportunity to be guided back to the space which is already free, alive and present.


The Venue

The venue in which the talks will take place is set in the beautiful countryside outside of Leipzig. On one side there is a river, forests and meadows and the other a small village which offers, cafes/bars/accommodation. The spectacular building which dates back to the 1800’s, was renovated by a group of musicians, who met in the orchesta network. Their vision was to create a space to hold music and cultural festivals/classes/courses that inspires creativity. Luckily for us, they also enjoy non duality and when they heard we were looking for a space for non duality talks, instantly offered their venue. So we are super excited to hold an event at this special place, which will hopefully contain lots of music/dancing/collaboration. Our hosts invite anyone that comes to the talks to bring their musical instruments (if they play) for some spontaneous improvisation outside of the talks.



Tutoring fee for participants : The minimum fee is 350 euros (150 euros for student/exceptional circumstance). When you fill out booking form you are welcome to state how much you would like to pay. 

The prices include: 19% VAT, organisation fee, rental costs of the space, a support worker who helps with the event, accommodation, travel, food for Lisa's team and two talks a day from Lisa Cairns.


  • The accommodation, food and refreshments are not included in this price.

  • Optional, the venue offers food, please fill in the registration form your choice. The prices are:

  1.  breakfast&lunch&dinner - 50€ per day OR 

  2. lunch&dinner -  40€ per day 

  • You may book  food only for the whole week, but you can not book food for individual days. 

  • Accommodation (within walking distance to the venue) are available between 20€ and 150€ per night. After  filling-in the registration we will happily send you lists of accommodation close by. 

  • The exact address and accommodation options will be sent to you after booking. 

  • If you would like to know the address before booking, you are welcome to email us: . Please check your junk mail for our reply. Please note, we will ask you to verfiy your identity before we will give you the venue address and local accommodation. This will be through payment of sometype (which we can then refund). If you have already paid for an event with Lisa, then you will not have to verify your identity. Thank you for understanding.  

  • Please note Lisa can not accept payments for accommodation or food, she can only accept payment for the talks.  

The Schedule

Friday 29th March 5pm  CET  - Friday  5th April 1:00pm CET 


This is a rough schedule that may change closer to the event.

  • 10am - 11am  |  yoga, or some type of body work (not with Lisa)

  • 11:30 am - 01:00 pm  |  talk and Q&A with Lisa

  • 4:15pm - 4:45 pm  |  meditation (not with Lisa)

  • 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm  |  talk and Q&A with Lisa

Please note that the yoga/body-work/meditation is not guaranteed, however, if it does happen, it is included in the price. If you are interested in offering body work, yoga, Tai Chi in the retreat in exchange for not paying Lisa's teaching fee, let us know.


Extra info
  • If you wish to enjoy silence during the retreat, we will provide badges and will have a separate table in the dining room.

  • No refunds of the ticket will be made 1 month before the event.

  • The retreat begins at 5pm on Friday the 29th March, with the evening talk and  ends at 1:00pm on Friday the 05th April, after the morning talk

  • on 29th March, you can check-in starting 12pm and if you book for food, dinner will be served after the introductory talk

  • on the 5th April, check-out time is 3pm and if you book for food, lunch will be served after the last talk

  • Lisa is unable to offer one to one session in the event, if you feel you would need this, it is advisable not to attend. 



There are people that would like to come but cannot afford the prices. If you would like to sponsor someone to come, or apply for a sponsorship, please email us:



The closest airports are Leipzig (1h30min) and Berlin (2h30min). The easiest way to reach the venue is from Berlin. Group taxis from the airport can be arranged, plus Emilia (the organiser) can link people in car shares. Please state what you would like when booking your tickets. There is also a trainstation close to the venue, which goes to the airport (with maybe one/two change).  


For any information and further details please contact us: Emilia is fluent in german, french, english and Romanian and is happy to help with any translation problems (like booking accommodation if they do not speak english).

  • BY pre-registering or signing in at registration on an event you understand, acknowledge and agree that:

      You are at least 18 years of age on the event day

  • In the unlikely occurrence that at the last-minute Lisa would not be able to attend a retreat, due to an extreme situation – such as severe illness or immediate family illness or death, then either another non-duality teacher will replace Lisa, or refunds for the talks will be given.

  • Attendees must provide their own health/travel insurance or obtain an EU health card and travel insurance.

  • In the unlikely occurrence the retreat is cancelled for reasons beyond Lisa Cairns control, Lisa Cairns is not responsible for the attendee’s expenses.


By booking this retreat you are agreeing to the disclaimer found in the footer of the website.

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