Retreat with Lisa

Lisa structures the retreat from two different principals: 

  • To relax the identified seeking self.

  • For there to be space for an energetic resonance with non duality.


Part of the day will focus on ways to use the chakra system to relax, calm and understand the separate seeking self. The other part of the day will focus on non-duality, which will question the validity of the imagined self and give space for there to be an energetic resonants. 

*Warning, the retreat is not designed to fill you up with techniques or information but to leave you with less ideas than what you arrived with! 

A rough timetable for the retreat days.​


      10:00 ~ 11:00  |  Talk + Q&A

      11:30 ~ 12:00  |  Group check in

      12:00 ~ 13:00  |  Chakra Breathing Meditation


      16:30 ~ 17:30  |  Guided Meditation

      18:00 ~ 19:30  |  Talk + Q&A

*The talks and the hotel are to be booked separately, the price for the hotel and food does not include Lisa's teaching fee. Price for the talks without accommodation&food is 290euros. 

The talks and the hotel are sold separately. To book tickets for the talks use the link below. The participant is obliged to find their own accommodation and is not required to stay at Gutshaus Parin. Here is a PDF with prices of accommodation at Gutshaus Parin 




To book a bedroom&food at Gutshaus Parin hotel, please book  through Bill and not the hotel website as participants attending Lisa's talks get a special price for their stay. (Please note that the hotel prices do not include the price of Lisa's talks, they only include your bedroom&food)


For participants on low income/student/benefits, Lisa is happy to adjust her teaching fee's to suit your needs. If this is your case, send a message in the box below. 

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*Please note that by attending this retreat you have agreed to the disclaimer in the footer of Lisa's website. Please also be aware that it is the responsibility of the participant to make sure they have their own travel/health insurance.