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About the town

Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val is a very small mediaeval town with only 2000 residence. In the old part of the town the roads are very narrow which have little to no traffic passing through them. If you are in good health then everything should be in walking distance. It maybe takes fifteen minutes to walk from one side to the other of the centre.For pictures click here.  The town also has two supermarkets, a pharmacy, lots of cafes, gifts shops, books shops, bike rental store (although their opening times are always changing) and more.  

Booking accommodation with Covid rules. 

Booking accommodation with Covid is a little bit confusing. All the accommodation is small privately own bed and breakfasts or private rentals, there are no big chain hotels. With the Covid rules being currently unclear for summer 2022, it seems a lot of bed and breakfasts have chosen to stop advertising on big websites, like trip adviser,, On these site they either do not come up, or they say there is no bookings. However, it appears if you write to the bed and breakfasts, most of them do have spaces and will take the bookings. Also even if their site says fully booked, often they are not. 

Bed and breakfasts within walking distance. 

*Please note: firstly; we can not guarantee this information we give is correct, please check it all carefully before you book. We might have got the walking distance wrong, or you may not have the same idea about what walking distance is. Walking distance to us is no more than 15 mins at a good pace. Secondly; we have not stayed in the accommodation and can not guarantee its standards. Please make sure you check the reviews on google or on Facebook for yourself. Thirdly; sometimes they may not be able to speak English, although most will, if you find yourself really stuck with communication, Emilia maybe able to help as she also speaks French. 

Le Cheval Blanc   Vegetarian and vegan food. They can provide an evening meal is required. Email for bookings, French or English speaking: 

The Pelisserie

The Residence 

Auberge du Lion D'Or - B&B de Charme   (you can contact them through Facebook) but here is also their trip advisor link

Marie Colline a la Campagne  (click here for telephone number)

Bleu Lavande

La Terrasse 

La Porte Bleue 

Accommodation that may or may not be in walking distance. 


*Here we link airb&b and other big booking apps. In them you have to check for yourself the distance, normally it says at the bottom how close it is, but in some it just says near by, this may not mean walking distance. In some it also says Saint Antonin, but it is a long walk, be sure to get the correct distance before booking, (unless, of course, you have a car.) 


Trip advisor hotels 

Trip advisor rentals

Hundred rooms 

Camping with in walking distance

Free camper or motor home park


Camping not within walking distance

Camping Gorges Aveyron   (maybe 40-50 mins walk at a good pace) 

Camping Andre Trigano   (maybe 40-50 mins walk at a good pace)

Sharing houses with other participants

Emilia is currently organising a house share with out participants. There is currently a house which is 6o euros per night for the whole house and has three bedrooms. There is currently one other participant who would like to share. The house is opposite to where the talks will be given. 

If you would like to share this house, contact Emilia 

Click here to see the house it is called Cordeliers

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